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New Student Registration

Welcome to South Cobb High School


South Cobb High School Enrollment Process

Welcome to South Cobb High School

1. Please click below and fill out the online form and upload all requested documents. *NOTE: All enrollments are fully virtual.






2. Email to let her know you have completed the above form and uploads, and are ready to schedule your appointment. 


*If you do not upload all documents, you will not be able to schedule an appointment to complete the registration of your child.






The following documents are required for enrollment:

1. 2 Proofs of Residence - 1 from Part A and 1 from Part B

  • Part A: Current mortgage statement, deed, lease or rental agreement - MUST show the address and name of the Enrolling Adult.

  • Part B: Current utility bill: Gas, Water or Electric. Bill MUST be within 30 days and show the address and name of the Enrolling Adult.

2. Withdrawal Paperwork

  • Rising Freshman must provide a copy of their 8th grade report card showing promotion to the 9th grade.

  • 10th - 12 graders must provide a copy of their high school transcript and disciplinary record.

3. Proof of birth

4. Social Security Card

5. Certificate of Immunization--Georgia Form 3231

6. Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutritional Screening--Georgia Form 3300

7. Picture ID of Enrolling Adult

Failure to upload any of these documents will result in a significant delay in your student's enrollment, which will require a follow-up appointment at a later date.

Please click here for more information about the required documents. Please contact Wanda Alexander by phone at (770)819-2611 ext. 024 or by email at

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New Student Registration: Academics
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